Stepping Stones

Eclipse - Pale Gold
Plain Stepping Stone
Plain Stepping Stone
Salt'n'Pepper Stepping Stone
Salt’n'Pepper Stepping Stone
Certus stepping stones are a simple and cost efficient solution as a footpath through grass, shingle or bark. Brushed for a non-slip finish, our concrete and garden stepping stones provide a reliable foothold and at 440mm are big enough to stand on with both feet.Certus’s eclipse pavers provide a decorative alternative to the stepping stone concept. Designed to interlock at any angle up to 270 degrees, these stepping stones form curved pathways or patterned arrangements for the DIY enthusiast to experiment with.
All stepping stones and eclipse pavers are available by order and can be finished with any of the full range of exposed aggregates. Certus delivers landscape supplies to Whanganui, Manawatu, and Kapiti Coast.